Upcoming Events

Hello Friends! We hope that the transition back into the

school year is going smoothly for everyone. Football and

Cheer practice will be starting up soon and we hope to

see you all out there to support our athletes and play!

We have some exciting events coming up so stay posted

this semester! 

  • September 8th: Our first Meeting and Informational                                                         
  • September 22nd: Second Meeting with Guest                                                             Speakers and Committee Sign Ups                                                                                                                      
  • September 27th: Area Bocce Ball Competition-                                                               volunteers needed so check out the link to sign                                                               up: Bocce Ball Volunteer Sign Up.                                                                                    
  • October 16th-18th: SOTX Fall Classic- for more                                                       information concering what events will be occuring                                                     this weekend check out the SOTX website

Please take note that our meetings have changed to Monday

this year and there will be more information on practices

coming soon! 

Also, join our facebook page for more updates and pictures!  



Current Sports Information

Flag Football and Cheerleading

  • Practice Time: Sunday from 3-5pm.
  • Location: Central Park fields across from Beautiful                                               Savior Lutheran Church
  • Click here for a map.

Contact one of our Unified Co-Chairs for more information!

Request to join the ASOTV Facebook page for the most                                                     up-to-date information regarding practices.

Please note that if you have not volunteered with us before,                                              you will need to fill out the Class A Volunteer Form and                                                  return it to an officer at either the next ASOTV meeting or                                                sport practice.

 2014 Fall Meeting Schedule

  • September 8th - MSC 2504
  • September 22nd - MSC 2504
  • October 6th - MSC 2504
  • October 20th - MSC 2504
  • November 3rd - MSC 2504
  • November 17th - MSC 2504

All meeting times are from 7:00 - 8:00 pm
Click a past date for the powerpoint from that meeting.

Our sports:

  • Flag Football
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Track/Field

Members and perspective members: Please feel free to check out the member info tab, there you will find our member application which can be turned in at a meeting or online via the "submit online" tab and some volunteer forms. To the right there are tabs that will tell you more about each committee. Also check out the calendar to be sure to know when ASOTV has different activities available for you to participate in.

Organizations: Make sure to check out the student orgs link under the getting involved tab to find out what volunteer opportunities are available.

Volunteer Opportunities: Check with the an officer for our current volunteer opportunities!

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